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Welcome to the
Agronomy/Seed Center

Your farm and fields are unique to you as a producer. That’s why we work hard to learn about your operation and find the best seeds and practices for you to use.

Whether you crop 30 acres or 300, or grow feed for 50 cows or 500, K&K Feeds can help you meet your farm’s cropping goals. We conduct personal farm visits to discuss and plan for your cropping success.

Planning for success includes looking at:
  • The proper seed varieties/hybrids for your soil and management practices
  • The proper technology for your forage or grain needs
  • The proper seed traits for your rotation and weed management system
  • The proper use and placement of crop inputs
With a focus in cropping systems that include animal production, we can also help you with:
  • Pasture and forage species selection 
  • Hayfield and pasture maintenance or renovation
  • Double-cropping management decisions
  • Manure management decisions
  • Integrated pest management options

Soil Testing & Recommendation with K&K Feeds

K&K offers soil testing and recommendations for a variety of food, forage, and field crops. Simply bring us one pint of soil per sample to process for submission to the lab. Results are usually complete within one week. Recommendations can be created using manure and commercial fertilizers or just commercial fertilizers.

We emphasize the 4R’s of nutrient stewardship in fertilizer recommendations:

  • The Right fertilizer source, at
  • The Right rate, at
  • The Right time, and in
  • The Right place.

Field Scouting and Planting Tissues Testing

K&K also offers field scouting and plant tissue testing services for crop producers. Tissue samples are taken at key growing stages and sent to Winfield United for nutrient analysis.

We use tissue tests in combination with soil samples to identify nutrient deficiencies in your fields and create comprehensive plans to correct those issues in the following years. K&K stocks a variety of Max-In foliar-feed micronutrients to deliver nutrients that plants might not be able to access in the soil.

We offer field scouting:

  • At spring green-up to check for adequate stand counts
  • At planting for proper crop emergence 
  • During the growing season for insect, weed, and disease pressure
  • At harvest to check chop length, moistures, and grain quality
  • Using NDVI satellite imagery to monitor growth across a field or farm

K&K Test Plot Data:

A healthy, lush lawn highlights your house as the centerpiece of your property. Earth Carpet premium turf blends are carefully selected to meet a variety of soil, weather, and traffic conditions. Proper soil fertility helps to keep that turf performing its best year after year.

K&K Feeds carries turf type grasses and fertilizers specifically formulated for lawn care.

Lawn Seed by Earth Carpet

Ideal for renovating athletic fields & high traffic areas 

-Excellent performance blend of perennial ryegrasses 
-Provides durable turf with gray leaf spot tolerance 
-Improved genetic color, fine texture & mowability 

Developed especially for renovation of athletic fields and other high traffic areas 

Sun and Shade
Ideal for establishing premium lawns or upgrading existing turf 

-Fast establishment & strong winter survival 
-Excellent for new lawns or upgrading existing turf 
-Improved varieties for better color, shade tolerance & disease resistance 

Choice Sun & Shade turf mix is designed to perform in all locations from full sun to partial shade. Perfect for landscaping demands by using improved varieties which are more heat and drought tolerant. Its versatility has made it our most popular mixture. 

Shady Place
Ideal for home lawns with moderate to densely shaded areas 

-Improved shade tolerant varieties 
-Provides an even transition from shaded to full sun 
-Great for revitalizing “thinned out” shaded areas

Ultimate choice for light to dense shade. Shady Place® grows vigorously and adapts to a wide variety of soil types and moisture conditions.  

Quick 2 Gro
Ideal for areas needing quick establishment

-Mix performs well in full sun to light shade 
-Germinates quickly & grows rapidly 
-Excellent choice when fast results are required

Economical turfgrass seed mix for full sun to light shade.

Wear and Tear
Ideal for establishing premium lawns or upgrading existing turf 

-Withstands abuse of continual use & high traffic
-Improved varieties for improved results

This mix of tough, vigorous varieties easily withstands continual wear from high traffic.

Ideal for new homes – revitalizing existing home or commercial turf.

-Rapid germination & establishment
-Tough, persistent turf

Excellent for establishing a showcase lawn

Planting or Renovating Your Lawn

Follow these steps for starting a successful lawn.

1. Measure area to be seeded – Total square footage of lot less non-lawn areas such as house, walkways and gardens.

2. Test, don’t guess! – Obtain soil test to identify essential soil needs/amendments (lime, potassium, phosphorus, etc). Add needed amendments per soil test. 

3. Select appropriate Earth Carpet® mix – Consult with your dealer for the Earth Carpet® mix right for you.

4. Spray out lawn with herbicide containing glyphosate – Follow manufacturer’s directions for proper use!

Continue to New Lawn or Renovation Steps:

New Lawn Steps

5. Rough Grade – Remove golf ball size+ rocks or debris. Lot slope should move downhill from house to lot edge. Level high/low areas.

6. Final Grade – Rake and smooth. Apply a fine mist from hose to soil before seeding. No puddles should form.

Renovation Steps

5. Scalp lawn down as close as possible – Mow as low as possible without stalling mower. Rake and remove clippings.

6. Core aerate lawn to encourage abundant root growth – Plant new seed no deeper than 1/8 in. with mechanical planting equipment. Equipment should be available for rental in your area.

7. Apply seed evenly in two directions – First north & south then west & east. Use seeding rate appropriate for your mix.

8. Apply starter fertilizer – Important for root development.

9. Roll surface – Use an unfilled lawn roller to firm, but not over pack, the soil surface.

10. Irrigate frequently at least 3 times/day for 6 weeks – Keep top 1/2 in. of soil moist, not soaking. Pay attention that soil does not dry in afternoon heat.

11. Apply 2nd application of starter fertilizer 3 weeks after seeding (CRUCIAL).

12. Begin weekly mowing when at 1½-2 in. – Set height to 1 ½ in. Mowing right after irrigation may hurt seedlings.

13. Raise mowing height to 3-3½ in. after 6 weeks – Never remove more than 1/3 of grass blade at a time.

14. Begin standard fertilization/irrigation programs at 8 weeks – Do not apply weed control products until lawn has been mowed at least 4 times and 8 weeks has passed.

Lawn Fertilizer

GreenView Crabgrass Control plus Lawn Food with GreenSmart (Purple)
GreenView Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed and Crabgrass Preventer (Red/Silver)
GreenView Broadleaf Weed Control plus Lawn Food with GreenSmart (Orange)
19-0-5 XCU – slow-release nitrogen with Dimension herbicide
20-0-10 Green-Up – slow-release nitrogen and potassium to support healthy root and leaf growth
Special-Order Pest Products – Trimec, Dylox, etc


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