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The staff at K&K can help you find the right forages and feeds to make your next hunt one to remember.

We Offer:

Food Plots

Food plots naturally occurring foods, standing agricultural crops, or food that is in place as part of normal farming practices are not considered baiting or feeding. We have a wide variety of seeds available for you food plots.

More Resources

Developing a Food Plot with Refuge and Rotation
30-06 Mineral/Vitamin Supplements

Soil Samples 

The most common and potentially the most devastating mistake that food plot managers make is failing to take time to perform a soil test. Performing a soil test is by far the most crucial step in the planting process.

Drop off your soil sample today and get your food plot off to the right start!

Build-A-Buck MAX 18%

K&K Feed’s own deer formula contains Antlermax® Technology with high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Provides excellent antler growth and a total balanced diet for Whitetail Deer. K&K Build-A-Buck Max 18% is made with Antlermax® Deer 20 Climate, Antlermax® Deer Mineral, whole shelled corn, whole roasted beans, whole oats, molasses, and apple flavoring. Available in 50 lb. bags or bulk. Need a custom blend? Talk to our on-staff animal nutritionist and we can formulate to meet your individual deer feed needs!