Exclusive® Chicken & Rice Performance Fresh Chicken – Our #1 Ingredient

  • FRESH CHICKEN #1 Ingredient
  • Energy -On- Command System
  • Glucosamine for Healthy Joints
  • Naturally Preserved with Vitamin E
  • High Digestibility, Smaller Stools
  • Controlled-Ash Formula for Good Health


Designed to provide optimal nutrition for hardworking and highly active dogs.

Working closely with top professional trainers and competition enthusiasts our leading Nutrition Professionals developed this 100% complete and balanced diet for active dogs of all breeds. Energy-On-Command System supplies the nutrients required for quick sprints, sustained endurance, and rapid recovery. Fresh chicken provides an excellent source of high-quality protein for building strong muscles, high digestibility for small stool volume, and is rich in essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.


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