Exclusive™ Chicken & Rice Cat Formula Fresh Chicken – Our #1 Ingredient

• FRESH CHICKEN #1 Ingredient—Never Frozen
• Aids Urinary Tract Health
• Omega-3 & -6 for Healthy Skin and Coat
• Naturally Preserved with Vitamin E
• pH Balanced and Magnesium-Controlled
• Taurine Fortified to Help Maintain Normal Vision
• Controlled-Ash Formula for High Digestibility
and Good Health
• Excellent for pregnant and nursing cats
as well as growing kittens


Superior nutrition, specifically formulated for a cat’s unique dietary needs.

We recognize cats have special needs to maintain good vision, urinary tract health, normal immune system, a healthy coat and overall good health. Fresh chicken provides high palatability and high protein for building strong muscles and bones. Research shows that controlling a cat’s urinary pH is important for urinary tract health. Exclusive™ Chicken & Rice Cat Formula is pH-balanced, magnesium-controlled and taurine-fortified. Exclusive Cat Formula provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition for normally active cats of all breeds and ages, including kittens.


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