Exclusive™ Chicken & Rice Adult Formula Fresh Chicken – Our #1 Ingredient

• FRESH CHICKEN #1 Ingredient –
Never Frozen
• Omega-3 & -6 for Enhanced Immune
• Glucosamine for Healthy Joints
• Naturally Preserved with Vitamin E
• High Digestibility, Smaller Stools
• Controlled Ash Formula for Good


Help your normally active dog get the most out of every meal.

We select only the highest quality ingredients, which include Fresh Chicken and Whole Grain Brown Rice, for superior nutrition that provides high palatability and digestibility. A guaranteed, optimum balance of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids is formulated for healthy skin and coat.  All Exclusive diets are Naturally Preserved with Vitamin E  and are thoroughly researched and quality assured for balanced nutrition your pets will love.


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